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How can we choose a good New thought School?


Choosing a New Thought School

Solid reading, writing and speaking skills are essential to every minister, yet a slavish reliance upon academic accomplishment can lead to a degeneration of dynamics. As we review Divine Science today, we can see some wonderful leaders with great consciousness whose strength is found not through endless University education but rather through consciousness and application through spiritual practice. We can also find some leaders who have spent years in the halls of Academia yet appear to be without any common sense or great communication skills.

When one is thinking about studying New Thought, it is best to go to DivinitySchool.net, check reviews of programs, then follow up with additional research.

In some cases, some Spiritual leaders can be observed using language that is both careless and lacking in compassion. Some New Thought websites demonstrate a strong emphasis on ego with leadership having pictures of themselves on the home page of the site. In some cases, one meets the Spiritual Leader and realizes the picture on the front of that website must be 20 years old! This challenge includes sites which represent membership organizations. Quite the odd presentation to the public to have the website of a membership organization being an ego presentation.

One can understand an individual minister's site, a memorial, or a teaching chapter, having the minister's picture on the first page, but where is the rationale for placing a picture of a minister on the front of an organization's site?

Yet it has been presented that some of these organizations are considered "businesses" by their leadership with the primary goal to provide an income for the leadership. If this reflects the actual situation then the "ego" approach is appropriate.

Phone calls reveal a great deal about ministers. If a minister demonstrates caring and compassion on the phone, then one understands this is truly a spiritual leader. If, on the other hand, the minister is rude then it is revealed that the minister may not be following the spiritual principles that she is teaching.

It is possible to explore Divine Science teachings through a couple of wonderful sites. We recommend DivineScience.com and DivineScience.net

DivineScience.com offers really great information about both Divine Science and New Thought.

DivineScience.net offers links directly to Divine Science texts around the web.


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