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Throughout the world, more and more people are awakening to the wonderful teachings of New Thought, including Divine Science. The main route for discovery of these wonderful teachings is the internet. The discovery of a book or the teachings of a particular writer leads a person to explore and through exploration to discover.

"Seek and ye shall find."

This generally takes people to New Thought Library, and from there they sign up for online classes or search for a local center.

Today there are only 13 physical Divine Science centers left in the world, but there are a some good programs online that include Divine Science as part of their curricula.

It is easy to look at the problems that stemmed from misguided approaches in Denver and see how things spiraled downward due to neglect, political infighting and abuse. The only reason to dissect the past is to avoid repetition of mistakes. In some cases mistakes have opened new doors that would not have been open if they had not been made. The failure to renew copyrights is not the worst failure in light of the fact that the internet has created an entirely new situation for spiritual teaching. If the intention is truly to support the positive transformation of Global Consciousness, then Spiritual Teachers will primarily follow the example of Charles & Myrtle Fillmore and thus place their texts in the public domain. If the primary intention is profit then copyrighting ones' texts is essential. Some Spiritual Teachers do both. These teachers are putting core texts into the public domain and then copyrighting supplemental texts and other materials related to the classes they are teaching in their courses. The most advanced in this area are the Buddhists. Buddhist groups are making great strides through this democratization of the flow of information, putting root texts online for free in various translations. This has prompted a flowering of Buddhist thought supporting many seekers in their spiritual evolution.

Although we see certain New Thought denominations making efforts in this area, their archives are by and large restricted through user names and passwords and are tracking users with cookies. Fortunately, Serving New Thought has been working intensely and creatively bringing more New Thought texts online for free with pdf's that are not locked through the New Thought Library.

In terms of Divine Science, DivineScience.net offers additional texts which are free and useful for understanding this aspect of New Thought and spirituality.

What happened to Divine Science?


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