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Is Divine Science reincarnating?

The term Divine Science has been used by countless Spiritual Leaders stretching back in time. Even Mary Baker Eddy discussed "Divine Science" in her book: Rudimental Divine Science. At one point in the late 19th Century (the 1800's), Divine Science was considered another word for New Thought. Today it describes a particular approach to New Thought which includes an emphasis on compassion.

The root concepts of the Divine Science approach contrast with certain other mid-20th Century forms that place an emphasis on individual success without regard to the impact up on the wider spiritual community. This particular approach led to philosophical postulation rooted in the belief in an overarching heirerarchal concept by some in which instead of direct access to Great Spirit, or the Divine, the universe is perceived as a series of "power bubbles". These power bubbles are contained one within another with individuals being contained within the power bubbles of others. Needless to say this does not sound like the most empowering approach to spirituality or life. It seem to affirm an elite approach which defies the teachings of both Christ and the Buddha.

The Divine Science approach emphasizes balance and thus supports the concepts of Human Rights.

Does this mean that this understanding was promulgated by the centers that were calling themselves Divine Science centers, even those within older organizations like the Divine Science Federation? Not necessarily, because the general New Thought emphasis within the mid-20th Century had devolved from healing and Spiritual/Life Empowerment to be replaced by Prosperity Teachings.


Is the Phoenix Rising?

The phoenix is born from ashes. It only emerges when the conflagration has thoroughly consumed the past. One does not reach into the coals to pull out a leg to snack on, or save the giblets for soup. If one did this then the new phoenix would not spring to life.

Whereas letting go of the old bird is essential, memories are a crucial part of the spiritual process. It is not through amnesia that we move forward but through understanding and re-contextualizing the past that we gain deeper insights and spiritual wisdom. This is the egg or eggs that the phoenix places within the nest. It is the heat of the fire that enables the eggs to hatch. The fire is the alchemical crucible that facilitates the process symbolizing the process of spiritual awakening to the truth of the teaching of the empty bowl.

According to Herodotus, "The Phoenix appears at 500 year intervals. It is the death of the Phoenix's father which precipitates its appearance. Although some say it nests within the blazing inferno of the Arabian desert, ancient sages convey that the Phoenix has its most sacred and ancient nest within the Sun."

The Phoenix gathers the ashes of the father, combines them with myrrh then compresses them into a sacred jewel that is enshrined within the library of Alexandria.

The Roman poet Ovid goes on to say that the sacred Phoenix nourishes itself with frankincense and other sacred gums living one sacred cycle of 500 years. When it ventures to the earth, the Phoenix prefers to build a nest either in a palm tree or an oak depending on the latitude.

Toward the end of its life, the Phoenix begins to gather certain spices, among which are: cinnamon, spikenard, and myrrh. Its final breath is imbued with the fire of the sun which kindles its own end. Its progeny emerges when its body has been thoroughly consumed by the flames. The offspring gathers the ashes of its predecessor combining them with the remains of the nest and sacred healing oils. These are alchemically processed transforming them into a sacred jewel that is deposited within the Temple of the Sun.

Lucius Flavius Philostratus considered the bird to be composed of the root energy of sunlight. He writes of the bird making its home in India. Yet, as we range across the globe through time and space, we find that the phoenix makes its home in many places. Commonly in every culture that depicts the Phoenix, it has a very long tail. This is symbolic of its heritage trailing back into time.

When thinking of Divine Science, we might think of this tail as those original writings that are now in the public domain, along with the history of those early leaders and their efforts to plants these teachings in the global consciousness.

In addition to its European and Middle-Eastern depictions, we find the Phoenix depicted in ancient Asian cultures including Vietnam. There are also similar figures depicted in the mythology of the Americas. For instance, Aztec mythology includes the figure of Quetzalcoatl which mirrors the Egyptian figure of Thoth.

The chief symbology of the Phoenix is that of rebirth, renewal, and immortality.

We are seeing Divine Science re-emerge around the globe primarily through independent and international ministries outside of the United States.

Divine Science is a living metaphor of the Phoenix myth. Divine Science is springing up in new nests around the globe with tenderness, care and reverence being applied to those teachings by Nona Brooks, Malinda Cramer and others. Perhaps someday the members of some of these Divine Science organizations will get support and they too will grow.

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