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What Happened to Divine Science?

Divine Science rode the whirly gig of time from the beginning to the end of the 20th Century. At the outset of the century it was a strong New Thought denomination. In the mid-20th Century it had a such a powerful presence in the INTA (an old New Thought membership organization) that it was rumored that it would simply be taking over the organization. Then after the mid-20th Century things began to spiral downward.

Perhaps the main reason for this was old style 20th Century bureaucracy, but some say that the real problem was weak leadership, others say it was a failure to cultivate young dynamic ministers. The 1960's & 1970's had offered a golden opportunity for expansion but somehow this did not materialize. The end of the 20th Century seemed to be whispering that this once strong denomination was coming to an end.

Trademarks abandoned in 2002

The Denver debacle resulted in a number of failures. Sources inside that scene drew attention to a bizarre fear on the part of the leadership with regard to being perceived as a "degree mill". This paranoia flew in the face of the many years of good work the Divine Science School in Denver had as its history going all the way back to its founder Nona Brooks. It seems that the school was being led by a pair of academics who could not discern the difference between a Divinity School versus a regular State University. Their frantic efforts to transform the program in Denver simply resulted in one mistake after another with the eventual result being that today the program does not appear to be viable. Last we checked they were not even able to secure a review from DivinitySchool.net

A number of comments were received that the program moved away from traditional Divine Science teachings into a kind of New Age approach emphasizing texts written by friends of the spiritual leadership. Past attempts to contact the Spiritual Leadership have failed.

There were also reports that the ministers were distracted by community theater productions and that there were additional problems with a minister from Santa Fe who was more occupied with Spiritual Politics than actual leadership and created numerous challenges through manipulations of one kind or another.

The result of all this frantic activity was a failure to follow through on the basic functions that this church had assumed for over 100 years. In particular routine paperwork was not properly filed and in 2002, even the trademarks were abandoned.

Although the Trademarks were allowed to die, perhaps that too is a benefit for the overall movement. The fact is that according to sources, the academics at the Denver School were alienating so many of their students and disregarding the rapid changes in technology that the majority of their students were simply going their own way and thus for years a majority of Divine Science ministries were teaching Divine Science in a generic manner. This combined with the fact that Mary Baker Eddy and others had been using the term Divine Science as a general term since 1891 served to eliminate the ability to trademark the term.

Joining this situation, both logos were abandoned to the public domain. Considering that today there are so many organizations teaching Divine Science and only a few of these are joined together in the Divine Science Federation this is not really that bad. It is just silly. Thus now the trademark is dead, so

"Let the dead, bury the dead."

As stated above, failures aren't always the worst result. In certain cases failure is preferable to success. The greatest challenge for the ego is to recognize the spiritual strength of working in conjunction with others. Failure can lead to renewed cooperation or new alliances.

We will keep an eye on this situation and continue providing you with news and of course improved resources to support your journey.

Is Divine Science reincarnating?


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